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Civic Award 2017

Civic Award 2017

We are very proud that for the last 6 years, our school has been the only Infant School in Gosport to run the Civic Award Scheme for year 2 children.

The Civic Award is based upon the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is open to teenagers. It shares the same aims by helping young children to understand their place in the community as active citizens.

Each child who wants to participate is asked to complete these fun and rewarding challenges.

  • Home service: the children will complete 4 or 5 hours of service and jobs to help their family. This could include doing the washing up, walking the dog, gardening or reading to a younger sibling.
  • School service: The children will complete 4 or 5 hours of school service. This could include preparing the hall for lunchtime, sharpening pencils, tidying the library or being a ‘Playground Pal’
  • Taking up a hobby: this may include joining one of our after school clubs, ballet, swimming or taking up a new hobby – perhaps learning a magic trick each week.
  • Adventure Planning: this section requires the children to plan an adventure for themselves or others to celebrate completing the award. This could be a trip to the splash park or a picnic in the woods.
  • Support to the local community: This involves ‘giving something back’ to the local community such as support at local events, litter picking or, cleaning St Mary’s Church.

civic award 17        Playground Pals

2017 Civic Award                                           Playground Pals

Our Civic Award children have been hard at work helping out around the school,


They helped plant some flowers to brighten up the school entrance.


They then made sure the flowers were watered.

They have been extra helpful at lunchtime helping Miss Davis, our play leader, tidy up at the end of play. They have also helped the office staff with letter deliveries, photo copying and tidying the waiting area.



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