Welcome to
Grange Infant School

Our Value and Vision







I will be Polite and Respectful by:

  • Listening to and looking at the person who is talking to you.
  • Using our manners and speaking to people with respect.
  • Sharing and turn taking.
  • Accepting other people’s Views even if they are different from our own.




I will be a good learner by:

  • Having respect for myself and thinking about how I learn best.
  • Preserving even when things get a tough.
  • Choosing when it is best to work independently or collaboratively.
  • Learning from my mistakes.




I will Aim high:

  • Having aspirations wanting to be the best I can be.
  • Concentrating and working hard.
  • Using what I know to help me learn new things.
  • Choosing to challenge myself.




I will be Nurturing and Caring by:

  • Showing respect for myself and others.
  • Taking care of our school and the resources within it.
  • Being helpful to others.
  • Being a good friend.




I will show effort by:

  • Striving to reach my goal.
  • Doing a ‘good Job’.
  • Working independently.
  • Making progress in my learning.




I will be Safe and Secure by:

  • Making safe choices
  • Walking around the school.
  • Making others feel safe through kind words and actions.
  • Knowing who I can talk to.