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As a school we follow The Read Write Inc (RWInc) programme to teach phonics.

What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, is a whole-school literacy programme for children from Year R to Year 2. It is designed to teach synthetic phonics, creating fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers. Read Write Inc sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic knowledge and skills.

The children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language, how to sound blend words, how to form letters correctly and how to spell. The children read books with word they can sound blend and this enables them to have early success in reading and build confidence/

In all year groups, the children have high quality phonics lessons every morning for 20 minutes.

In Key Stage 1, children are assessed termly and are then placed in a phonics group that matches their phonics knowledge and reading level. Within these sessions, the children learn new sounds, practise applying this knowledge when reading and writing and read fun books at their own reading level.

In year R during the autumn term, the children learn to read and write the first set of phonics, called Speed Sounds 1. Once this set has been completed, the children are assessed to find the right reading level so that they can be grouped every day by reading progress. Children who are making accelerated progress, may work with groups within Key Stage 1.

Speed sounds

Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

m a s d t

i n p g o

c k u b f

e l h sh r

j v y w th

z ch q x ng nk

ay ee igh ow oo (short)

oo (long) ar or

air ir ou oy

a_e ea i_e o_e

u_e aw are ur

er ow ai oa ew

ire ear ure

tious tion

For more information on the Read Write Inc phonics programme, please visit the website: