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 Our fabulous teachers have planned and produced work for you to use at home, this is the same work that the children in school as key worker children will be completing.

Please DOJO message your children’s work into their class as we love to see all your work. Our office staff are also able to give hard copies if needed. 

Please just click onto work you are wanting to complete where it will open for you to copy or print out. the work is set into the year group for you in week order. If you need this printing out for home use please just call the office where we can sort this for you. 


Week starting 22nd February

Year R

Weekly home learning plan 22.02.21

Drawing 2D shapes 22.2.21

red words week 7

red words week 7

Sentence writing

Sentence writing

farm animal facts

farm animal facts

Labelling 3D shapes 23.2.21

Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February

Cut and match shapes 24.2.21

Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February

why do we have farms

why do we have farms

3D shape monster 25.2.21

create a farm

create a farm

What can you see on the farm

What can you see

3D shape everyday objects 26.2.21

Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February

Healthy me!

Healthy me!


Year 1

Dog pics for cold task

How to look after pets powerpoint

blue literacy

Header green purple


blue literacy

Header green purple


Thursday overview yellow


Literacy header for all

Maths cold task

Monday overview


Tuesday overview

headers on one sheet

Wednesday overview


Thursday overview

Maths reasoning


Year 2

22.2.21 Rhyming dominoes

22-2 Literacy Tasks

22-2 shape names and properties

Hook Afternoon

spring 2 Overview for parents

Weekly home learning plan 22.02.21

23-2 Literacy

23-2 venn diagrams

Reading for the week

24-2 Literacy

24-2 symmetry

25-2 2nd symmetry & shape properties

25-2 Literacy

26-2 Literacy

26-2 practical rotation

26-2 shape sorting task -blue

Weekly home learning plan 01.03.21


Week starting 8th February 

Year R

Literacy – matching rhyming words

Maths – subtraction stories 

Literacy – rhyming string

Maths – subraction number sentences

Literacy – continue rhyming string

Literacy – continue rhyming string

Maths – subraction by counting back

sock matching activity

design a pair of socks

Literacy – odd one out

Maths- Subtraction using a number line

Maths- Subtraction using a number line

Literacy – rhyming sentence

Maths – addition and subraction

Maths – addition and subraction

Space Number Grid 1-30 counting in 2s



Year 1

Monday overview

Clock – to make

Maths Monday Cold Task

Monday add


Research sheet literacy

Maths Subtraction Tuesday

Maths Tuesday

RE Tuesday

Tuesday overview

Maths Wednesday

RE Wednesday

Wednesday Maths Subtraction & Addition

Wednesday Overview

Maths Thursday Subtraction & Addition

Maths Thursday

RE Thursday

RE Friday

Spellings Friday Sheets

Spellings Friday




Year 2 

8-2 fractions change of context

literacy 8-2-21

Weekly home learning plan 08.02.21

well being week activities



Year 2 home reading 8.2.21

9-2 money word problems

literacy 9-2-21

Year 2 home reading 9.2.21

10-2 more money word problems X and div

literacy 10-2-21

WK 6 comprehension

11-2 data handling- tally and bar charts

literacy 11-2-21

Year 2 home reading

11.2.21 Non -fiction

12-2 weather data handling

literacy 12-2-21

year 2 home reading

12-2-21 non-fiction



Week Starting 1st February 

Year R    Weekly home learning plan 01.02.21

Monday 1st Magic Maths

red words week 5

Weekly home learning plan 01.02.21

Year R Literacy Monday

Tuesday 2nd Magic Maths

Year R Literacy Tuesday

Healthy eating sorting activity

Wednesday 3rd Magic Maths

Year R Literacy Wednesday

Make your own veggie superhero!

Thursday 4th Literacy

Thursday 4th Magic Maths

Friday 5th Literacy

Friday 5th Magic Maths

Word challenge



Year 1

Cars text

ord mat car report

Maths Monday Cold Task

materials to sort

sort and label

Monday overview


Close to

deeper header.docx

secure header

Tuesday Maths

Science explain materials

Tuesday overview


Close to

deeper header

secure header

Maths Wednesday


sort push and pull

Wednesday overview


Close to

deeper header

secure header

Thursday Maths


ow oa o_e sheets

ow oa o_e

Maths reasoning half quarter 5th Feb



Year 2  Weekly home learning plan 01.02.21

1-2 division with different numbers

literacy 1-2-21

mon 1-2 home reading

Mon Science session 3

2-2 division and multiplication word problems

DT design tues

literacy 2-2-21

Year 2 home reading Tues 2-2-21

3-2 word problems with arrays

DT test and evaluate wed

literacy 3-2-21

WK 5 comprehension all groups

4-2 fractions with arrays of chocolate

DT Improve and communicate thurs

literacy 4-2-21

Year 2 home reading 4-2-21

5-2 fractions questions to answer

literacy 5-2-21

Year 2 home reading 5-2-21


Week starting 25th January

Year R      Weekly home learning plan 25.01.21

Literacy – ou shout it out

Maths total of 2 groups

red words week 4

grufallo cvc word challenge

Literacy – oy toy for a boy

Maths Gruffalo addition

button and bean task

Maths – addition

cvc picture matching

grufallo scene for writing

grufallo scene for writing

Maths – create your own number sentences

gruffalo crumble cake recipe

I Spy and Read Activity

One more and one less using a number line

Treasure or trash game

Treasure or trash


Year 1              

Blue header

Maths Monday

PHSE dreams and goals lesson 1

Monday 25th Overview

Basic header


Maths Tuesday

Tuesday 26th Overview

Maths Wednesday

Literacy Wednesday and Thursday

PHSE design a welly

Thursday Maths


Thursday 28th Overview

help for children who need more support


PHSE stretchy hands


ie i_e spellng sheets

spellings ie i_e



Year 2

25-1 Maths Multiplication arrays

Blank-wordsearch for spellings

Literacy 25-1-21

Literacy past tense 25-1-21

RE home learning lesson Enquire & Apply

Weekly home learning plan 25.01.21

Year 2 home reading

26-1 halving investigation

Literacy 26-1-21

Literacy -irregular-verbs 26-1-21

RE home learning lesson Contexualise – Bible Quest

Year 2 home reading

WK 4 comprehension Gold, white, Lime and Gems groups

WK 4 comprehension Green, Orange, Turquoise, Purple groups

WK 4 comprehension Red, Pink & Yellow & Blue groups

27-1 halving investigation bar models

27-1 maths halving using bar models

Literacy 27-1-21

RE home learning lesson Contextualise – Vedas

28-1 linking division with x

Literacy 28-1-21

Literacy Dear Diary WAGOLL 28-1-21

RE – Contextualise answers for Wed Hindu Holy books

RE home learning lesson Evaluate & Communicate

Year 2 home reading

29-1 Maths Multiplication and division arrays

Friday 29th Spelling

Literacy (Blue) 29-1-21

Literacy (yellow, green & Purple) 29-1-21

Year 2 home reading

RE Holy Books Mrs J

Week Starting 18th January 


Year R 

Literacy – oo look at a book

red words week 3

Literacy – ar start the car

Literacy – or shut the door

Literacy – air thats not fair

Literacy – ir whirl and twirl

Maths – one less

Weekly home learning plan 18.01.21

Maths one more one less

Is there room on your broom

one more and one less with a numberline

Maths – missing numbers

Maths – missing numbers

Maths – number hunt

My spell recipe


Year 1

History lesson

1 school logo

adjectives character sheets

Blue Header

Cold Task Bar Models

Monday 18th


Maths 18.01.21

to cut and sort-transport-old-and-new-photo-powerpoint-_ver_1

to show -How has transport changed Powerpoint

Basic header

Phonics 19.01.21

Maths Sheets Tuesday 19th

Maths Sheets Tuesday 19th

Tuesday 19th Overview

Blue Literacy Header

Maths Sheets 21.01.21


Thursday 21st Overview

Friday 22nd Overview Jan

Maths Reasoning 22.01.21

Phonics Friday

Spelling Powerpoint

Friday 22.01.21

Spellings Sheets




Year 2

18-1-21 writing and spelling

History 18-1-21

Year 2 home reading 2

19-1-21 writing and spelling

History 19-1-21

Year 2 home reading

Science 20-1-21

Science 21-1-21

Year 2 home reading

22-1-21 PSHE Y

year 2 home reading

18-1 Maths add & subtract mixed up

19-1 Maths add & subtract word problems

20-1 Maths Repeated addition as Multiplication

21-1 Maths Multiplication sentences

Science 21-1-21 22-1

Maths Multiplication arrays 22-1-21


22-1 Maths Multiplication arrays

22-1-21 PSHE

22-1-21 writing and spelling

Weekly home learning plan 25.01.21

Year 2 home reading


Week Starting 11th January

Year R 

Literacy – ay may

I playMaths monday

Prickly words week 2

Literacy – ee what can you see

Literacy – ee what can you see

more or less powerpoint

more or less worksheet

Literacy – igh fly high

Literacy – igh fly high ordering work sheet

Literacy – ow blow the snow

Literacy – ow blow the snow more or less task

Literacy – oo poo at the zoo

Literacy – oo poo at the zoo making one more practically task

Goals worksheet

making one more practically task


Week starting 11th January Year 1 


Literacy Blue Task sheet

Literacy Blue Task sheet

Literacy maths

Monday 11th plurals

wordbank plurals wordbank


Geography Tuesday

Geography what to do


maths below

maths below

maths close to

maths close to

maths deeper

maths deeper

maths secure

maths secure


Tuesday 12th overview

geography wednesday

Literacy header for all

The Train Jicketty Can poem

Wednesday 13th overview


Lesson 4 geography

Maths Thursday

Thursday 14th overview

ay ai a-e

Friday 15th overview

spellings ay ai a-e sheets 2021


Week beginning 11th Jan Year 2 

11-1 literacy and spelling

11-1 Maths context change addition

Guided Reading 11.1.21

Guided Reading 12.1.21 

12-1 literacy

12-1 Maths partitioning & subtracting Extra spelling challenge

Guided Reading 12.1.21

13-1 Literacy incl spelling

13-1 Maths partitioning & subtracting

WK 2 comprehension Gold,

white, Lime and Gems groups

WK 2 comprehension Green, Orange, Turquoise, Purple groups

WK 2 comprehension Red, Pink & Yellow & Blue groups

STEM Bridges lessons 1&2 with supporting video 13.1.21

14-1 Literacy

14-1 home reading

14-1 Maths subtracting multiple tens.

Extra spelling challenge

History session 1

15-1 maths subtracting context change.

15-1 maths subtracting context change.

Lesson 1 treasure chest

literacy 15-1-21

Lockdown Reading Challenge

Year 2 home reading 2






Week starting 6th Jan 2021 Year R

Maths Shape Week 1   year R 

Maths powerpoint   Year R


Year 1 work Friday 8th Jan

Friday 8th Friday 8th

-s -es plurals sheets for spelling


Year 2 work 8th Jan

8- 1 literacy incl spelling

8-1 BY G partitioning & adding 8-1

Session 4 Guided Reading Pink, Red & Yellow book bands 8-1

Session 4 Guided Reading Weekly home learning plan 11.01.21




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Colouring sheets MX-5140N_20201021_141053


Amazing Home learning by our wonderful students while at home due to class closures or other Covid related absence. 

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