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Grange Infant School

Year R

Here are a few extra ideas to keep you going!

Games ideas

Maths skills

Maths skills 2

Maths vocab

Number bond explanation

Number Formation Rhyme Cards

Numicon explanation

Online game ideas


You could also try….

Counting forwards and backwards to 30

Practice writing and ordering numbers


Here are a few extra ideas to keep you going!

Phonics and reading links


You could also….

Read your child’s reading book together or select a story book from home to read

Practice the set of Gruffalo words that your child is currently working on – if you would like the next set please ask your class teacher

A good site for other lessons that might spark your child’s interest are on https://classroom.thenational.academy/ . Here you can find videos of teachers delivering every sort of lesson and even some assemblies by famous people too. Just click on the correct year group for your child and see what interests them

Another good website is https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/